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How to Keep Frigidaire Microwave Clock On

I love our new gorgeous Frigidaire microwave, but it came with a “problem” 🙁 luckily it was not defective. The clock of this new microwave does not stay on right out of the box. It is because of one of those silly functions that are turned on by default.

My Frigidaire model is FFCE1455UD. Hopefully the general concept will apply to other models too. 

There are two parts to this tutorial. 

Part One – We need to know why the clock does not stay on. Then we are going to fix it. 

Part Two – How to set the clock. 

Part One – Why? 

Video Instruction – Step by Step Guide

The reason the clock won’t stay on is because there is a function called “Power Save”. “Power Save” is “ON” by default. When it is “ON”, our clock will not stay on. So we are going to turn that off. 

Here is how to turn it off: 

  1. Press “Clock” 4 times. You will see “OP-4”. 
  2. Press “START” once it says “OP -4”. 
  3. Press “START” when you see it says “OFF”. Wait for it to blink. It is going to flash through ON and OFF options. When it says “OFF” press “START”. 

Doing so will turn off the “Power Save” function. Now our clock will stay on. 

Part Two – Set the Clock 

How to set the clock

  1. Press “CLOCK”. Enter the time using the number pads. It is currently 3:15, so I will press 315. 
  2. Press “START” to confirm. 

And violaaaa! 



IT STAYS ON. Let’s do a happy dance. Just kidding. Other than this silly nuance and its super loud beeping sound (there is a way to turn that off too, phew), it is elegant! And I love it. 

This tutorial is specifically for Frigidaire microwave FFCE1455UD, but the concept likely applies to other microwaves as well. If you have a microwave that does not keep your clock on, check to see if there is a special POWER SAVE function or something similar. 

Hope this tutorial help 😀 

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